Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Completed Wedding Presents!

A while ago I posted pictures of the wedding presents I have been working on. For the next stage, I picked out quotes or phrases I wanted to stencil on the wood. I used stencils I found in the Office supply area at Target. Here is a photo of the first two that I stenciled.

Here is the story that I am attaching to the present about where the wood came from...
 This piece of wood might not look like much, but it was picked with love from a stack of wood in my (Leslie’s) Grandpa’s workshop. My Grandpa would spend hours whittling, taking pieces like this and turning them into masterpieces. I “borrowed” this run-down piece of wood and transformed it into something new, something personal just for both of you. I hope you enjoy it because like this piece of wood, you have started a new adventure together. We wish you both happiness in your life together.
I think the best thing is when you can give a personal gift for occasions like this. since the weddings were for people who are close personal friends or family, I thought it would be a simple, thoughtful gift.