Monday, March 18, 2013

Wedding DIY or die trying

wow, so i haven't posted in a while but i have been working, going to grad school and planning my wedding, crazy right?

my wedding is a mix of vintage and modern elements, and it was important to me to make a lot of it myself, i think many brides feel this way.

my latest project was a guestbook, i had seen this guestbook on etsy and it was beautiful!

i knew i wanted something like it but the price tag was wayyy too steep for me, i am trying to do my wedding for about $8,000.

so this is what i came up with:

in total it cost me about $60 to make including the shadowbox frame (which i bought a really nice one for $30). guests will hopefully sign the leaves, and i will have a little sign that says "leaf your name for the bride and groom" or something like that.

i believe that it is possible to have a nice wedding without breaking the bank! i hope you do too!