Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Craft Fair Tips

I have sold at four craft fairs in the past year. I'm not saying I am an expert in this, however I do have some tips for you if you are interested in selling at a craft fair.

What to Bring: (this list may vary depending on what you are selling)

Tape, Glue, Scissors

Sewing supplies- pins, needle, thread

Things to prop things up/weights

Notepad and pens- good for custom order taking and tracking your sales

Money bag with change

Something to wrap up the items in such as tissue paper

Bags (decorative or at least bring some plastic bags because many shoppers will ask for one)

Snacks and water

Something to do (I like to knit or read magazines, but always pay attention to people who stop by your booth), or if you can make things you are selling people like to see the "process"

A friend/helper to join you, I am lucky enough to have my Mom help me.

Think of how you will display your items and bring props accordingly. I use shutters, old suitcases, baskets, and a drying rack with hangers and shirts to display my scarves in a fun way. It's important to think about what your display will look like because an interesting display will attract A LOT of people!

How to act:
Be polite and make conversation with everyone who visits your booth, BUT DON'T crowd them, if they're going to buy something from you they will, no one likes to be pressured.

What to Wear:
*Wear something that you are selling! if possible, I always get compliments on the scarf that I choose to wear everyday at work and at the sale. If it's something you can display on your body, it will sell better!

Also dress comfortably in layers, you never know what the temperature of the building will be like or how much you will be moving around. I find myself constantly sitting then standing over and over when I am greeting people etc.

Other tips:
1. Know your market, what type of crowd can you expect at the sale? if you can talk to the organizer of the sale or other crafters who have been there in the past.

2. This goes along with the above tip but PRICE: price your items accordingly, really think about this beforehand because i have been to a lot of shows in which things seem overpriced which has kept me from buying it. Sometimes People will ask themselves "can i make this"  or "is it worth it" before they buy something.

3. Be friendly and courteous to crafters around you. It's a dog-eat-dog world out there for crafters, but it doesn't have to be! Support those around you by complimenting their work or offering to watch their booth if they need a break.

Things you can't control:

1. Your location in the building, but you have to make the best of it. Can you move or modify your display to make the location better?

2. Some days people just aren't buying. Don't get frustrated if you don't sell much. Try to enjoy the day regardless. My goal is always to make enough to cover my booth fee.

Above all, try to have fun, if you enjoy what you do and have passion and enthusiasm about it, the money will follow!

Above are more pictures of my display, thanks for reading! :)