Monday, July 9, 2012

DIY-Decorative Brick Critters

My newest DIY project using decorative landscape bricks from Menards (58 cents each) and paint! super fun and easy, all it takes is a bit of creativity!

Materials needed:
-Landscape bricks of various shapes, shape determines what you can make!
-Patio Paint (bought a Michaels near they terra cotta pots) you use this pain because then it can be outside without wrecking the paint
-spray sealant (indoor/outdoor semi-gloss spray)
-any additional items to make the creature, wire, wood pieces for wings, glass beads for shell etc

-Add 1-2 coats of paint depending on the color, for lighter colors I did two coats

Finished Turtle!

Finished bee!

Ladybug my mom did that started the idea for this project!

What other creatures can you make?

Snowmen, Pumpkins, Easter Bunny and many more!